Sustainability & Environment
- Aquila Hotels & Resorts -

The hotel organization “AQUILA RITHYMNA BEACH” is a pioneer establishment in Greece with the field of activity “Providing Hotel Services”.

The facilities of the hotel complex are located in the area of ​​Adelianos Kampos, Rethymno, Crete. Through its obligations, governed by compliance with the requirements of the EN ISO 50001:2018 standard, it is committed to:

  • the satisfaction of applicable legal requirements and other requirements related to energy efficiency, energy use and energy consumption;
  • the comprehension of nature, scope and environmental impact of the energy used for its activities and services;
  • the provision of all the required resources, information and means to ensure the efficient operation of the Organization and the integrated management system,
  • establishing and monitoring the achievement of goals and objectives regarding energy performance,
  • the training of its employees for the implementation of services, energy management and ensuring a safe working environment,
  • the measurement and continuous monitoring of critical elements and processes in order to ensure the energy improvement of the Organization,
  • the continuous improvement of the integrated management system and energy efficiency,
  • the control of its external providers regarding compliance of the above and the supply of energy-efficient products and services that affect energy performance,
  • the periodic review of this policy as to its continued relevance,
  • the creation of activities that consider the improvement of energy efficiency.

Date: 14/07/2023

Dimitris Tsounis

General Manager Aquila Hotels & Resorts


We are committed to offer high standard services to our customers in a healthy
professional environment for our employees.
Our commitment for quality and continuous improvement is imprinted in our operation standards
We consider our operation standards to be the center of our offered services which provide useful information to all our employees with, clear guidelines and a sense of security.
Our operation standards are updated annually or if deemed necessary even earlier
and are checked through our evaluation criteria, about which all supervisors and employees involved are aware of.

All Aquila Hotels &Resorts hotels strictly follow national health and safety regulations
and it is our duty to communicate this policy with our staff and all those working with the company or on its behalf in order to ensure our high functioning level. Our hotels offer the following:
  • Accurate and transparent information, instructions, supervision and training for all employees.
  • All employees are informed of the current applicable health and safety regulations.
  • Each hotel in our chain has its own emergency team ready to act in various cases of emergencies (e.g. fire, flood, earthquake, environmental pollution)
  • All hotels have their own doctor and certified group of employees trained in giving first aid throughout the day.
  • All employees have access to medical care
  • All areas with restricted entrance are sign posted or locked.
  • We carry out preventive maintenance of our equipment and also collaborate with external cooperators in order to ensure maximum safety and security.
  • We constantly upgrade and improve our methods of operation in order to eliminate possible accidents and injuries.
  • All employees have to carry out their responsibilities with regard to health & safety as set out in the hotels’ policies.

AQUILA Hotels & Resorts is a Greek-owned hotelier committed to customer
satisfaction, indisputable attention to detail and impeccable service, joined by social and environmental sensibility and responsibility. AQUILA’s mission is to provide the ideal environment and services for its distinguished guests, whether on holiday, business or a romantic vacation. AQUILA aims to minimize the impact of its activities on environmental resources by adopting efficient state-of-the-art technologies and resource management practices. In addition, it continuously invests in its human resources in order to effectively apply those practices in its day-to-day operation

Through our environmental policy we:

  • Ensure that we comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Measuring and manage our environmental performance against our objectives and targets on monthly basis and make sure that we regularly review our progress and look for ways to continue to improve.
  • Train our staff on our environmental commitments, so that they understand the role they play in delivering our objectives and goals. –
  • Our eco team plays an important role.
  • Invite our guests to support our efforts to reduce our environmental impacts Working with NGO’s such as “Archelon”, the “Hellenic Ornithological Society” and “Clean hands” for the protection of the local environment and the improvement of the local community’s standard of living.
  • We cooperate with local associations for the protection of stray animals.

Our environmental objectives are mainly focused on the following areas:

  • Energy Management
  • Water Management
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Air Quality improvement
  • Protection of Coastal and Marine Environment
  • Protection of Landscape and Nature
  • Promoting the involvement of stakeholders, employees and customers

Our annual progress is presented in our annual sustainability report which you are welcome to read.

Our employees are our assets and for this reason Aquila Hotels &Resorts is committed to the protection of employees and human right issues. Our policy is strict and complies with the following values and objectives:

  • We value our staff and treat them fairly and with respect, ensuring that no-one is discriminated against, irrespective of age, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, religion, culture, family condition, personal beliefs or disability.
  • We follow with great interest all the latest developments in the labor sector and provide continuous training to our employees from their induction and throughout their careers at our hotels.
  • We comply with all applicable employment laws and regulations in our country.
  • We support hiring staff from the local community.
  • We continuously train our staff on our sustainability commitments.
  • Our HR department and our management team are committed to an “open” door policy.

Our employees are encouraged to discuss with us any issues such as
complaints, problems, worries as well as suggestions.

For Aquila Hotels & Resorts Company, sustainability means ensuring environmental, economic and social well being for today and for the future. That means, meeting the needs of society, investing in the future and acting in the long-term interests of the many people and not just the few.

Our most important decisions and criteria are based on quality, price, reliability, supply, stability, safety and sustainability.


  • We select in a fair manner by comparing offers from various suppliers.
  • We ensure that our purchasing personnel do not permit personal interest to influence the choice of vendors.
  • We create opportunities for new collaborators by continually reviewing our regular vendors.
  • We purchase locally whenever this is possible.
  • We prefer goods with less packaging materials, emphasizing the possibility to recycle and reuse.
  • We purchase or replace old equipment with new efficient ones.
  • We purchase cleaning materials and chemicals with the minimum impact for the environment and human health.

The Aquila Hotels &Resorts company is committed to maintaining a close
relationship with the local community, ensuring that any issues related to the
operation of our business is discussed in a fully cooperative climate. During our daily operations, we are committed to the following actions:

  • We support the purchase of food and beverage products from local businesses.
  • We encourage our staff and guests to volunteer for our beach clean-ups (Clean up the Med and other actions linked with our Blue Flag award.
  • We actively support the local community through charitable or in-kind donations to schools, groups or initiatives that work to improve the lives of local people, protect the environment and preserve the community’s culture and traditions.
  • We encourage our guests to support the local community.
  • We advise our guests regarding places such as restaurants, markets or craft centers and encourage them to explore the country’s cuisine, history, culture and traditions, while offering a unique sustainable experience.
  • We actively engage our staff in our policies with trainings, workshops and many activities.

In this way we support the local economy and safeguard the local community which is integrated with the unique holiday experience we offer our guests. Our Guest Relations and our Eco Team will be glad to give you more details concerning our sustainability program.

The Aquila Hotels &Resorts policy and commitment is to protect the rights of children, with regard to their physical and mental balance, including their protection from abuse and sexual exploitation.

(A child is defined as any person under the age of 18 years)

Aquila Hotels &Resorts conducts seminars addressed to its staff but also to schools, parents and to any interested party, in order to increase the awareness and provide information about children’s rights. For this purpose, Aquila Hotels & Resorts is collaborating with the internationally recognized non-profit child welfare organization “The smile of the child”.

Any suspicious behavior (either by employees or guests) concerning children is reported to the National Helpline for Children SOS 10-56 “The smile of the child”.

World Luxury Spa Awards 2022
This award serves as recognition of sustained commitment to service excellence and
outstanding achievement in the international luxury spa and wellness industry.
World Luxury Spa Awards hereby certifies the participation of the winner in the 2022
awards and congratulates them on this accomplishment BLUE Spa by Aegeo.
is an internationally recognized independent sustainability certification scheme which
helps hotels members around the world to improve their social, economic and environmental
impacts cost-effectively.
is a voluntary eco-label award which works towards sustainable development of beaches and
marinas through strict criteria, dealing with Water Quality, Environmental Education and
Information, Environmental Management, Safety as well as other Services.
GREEN KEY is an eco-label award which aims to increase the use of environmental-friendly
and sustainable methods of operation and technology in the establishments.
ISO 14001:2015 : ISO 14001
certification provides evidence that an Environmental Management System is in place.
Is an international standard which recognizes the actions of responsible businesses in
managing and controlling their environment. It is designed to help businesses remain
commercially successful without overlooking environmental responsibilities and impacts.


ISO 22000:2005
sets out the requirements for a food safety management system and can be certified.
It maps out what an organization needs to do to demonstrate its ability to control food
safety hazards in order to ensure that food is safe.
This TUI award exists since 1996 for hotels that are especially committed to protecting
the environment and are socially responsible. TUI intends to increase the TUI Environmental
Champion awareness and commitment of the hoteliers for sustainability.
Aquila Hotels & Resorts – one of the most luxury hotel chains of Crete – proudly present
the winning of the 2018 Greek Hospitality Awards:Aquila Rithymna Beach – Best Greek Family Resort – GOLD
Aquila Porto Rethymno – Best Greek Hotel Restaurant – SILVER
Aquila Elounda Village – Best Greek Honeymoon Resort – SILVER
Aquila Atlantis Hotel – Best Greek Business City Hotel – SILVER