More is More Business

Aquila Hotels & Resorts deliver value and flexibility that will assist you in succeeding at your business meetings and events. Our “More is More” business program is a magnificent client experience, since every time you book a business event, you earn points accordingly towards any hotel department. These points are credited to your card and can be redeemed within two years, along with various privileges for you to enjoy at your next event.

The “More Is More” business card is a company card and can be used:

– By company employees who have been verified from their company with the appropriate documentation.

– Exclusively by individual, professionals and private corporations

The “More is More” business card details:

Companies or private corporations are eligible to become members under the condition that they have already held an event or business stay in any of our hotels.

Registration for membership takes place immediately following the very first stay or event held.

Gain more privileges by choosing one of the most distinctive venues of Aquila properties.

To enjoy the benefits of your “More Is More” business card, members must present their card upon arrival at the reception desk.

The card is valid for any one of our Aquila Hotels &Resorts hotels.

The deadline for redeeming points is two calendar years from the date of the last held event.

The card is valid for any one of our Aquila Hotels &Resorts hotels.

The deadline for redeeming points is fixed at two calendar years from the date of the last held event.

The collected points are not redeemable in cash but are credited to the “More Is More” business card and can be used towards the next event as credit bonus or added and redeemed in total prior to the completion of 2 calendar years from the date of the last event

Each interested member can follow and receive an update of their account via our company website at : https://moreismore.gr

The More Is More business card will be supplied by the hotel to our new members within 2 weeks of the related invoice being issued and the points received for the event that have already been credited to the card can be used for the next event or stay.

Credit bonuses will be redeemable upon written notice by the client, one week prior to the event or stay.


It is with great pleasure that we present to you our Aquila Hotels & Resorts “More Is More” business company card.  A benefits card aimed at companies and private corporations that select one of our hotels for their professional meetings, events and other activities, offering a series of benefits as a reward for choosing our company.
The “More Is More business” card is used for every event your business holds and the points awarded are in accordance to the total costs from the Food & Beverage departments, conference rooms, hotel accommodation etc.
Your gained points are placed towards and can be redeemed as credit bonus during your next even or accumulated and redeemed within 2 calendar years from your last event.
By completing the membership application form, the hotel will immediately issue and send to you your More is more business card.

Terms for Participation

1. More is more business can: change the process of acquisition of points, withdraw, limit, modify or cancel benefits and change gradations of the card at any moment and without any previous notification.
2. The more is more business membership card is issued free of charge by all Aquila Hotels & Resorts.
3. Membership cards can only be used by the company and by those persons included in the application form or by private corporations and any credit or points cannot be transferred to 3rd parties.
4. Each company can issue one card to be used strictly by those authorized by their company in the initial application form. The number of authorized people should not exceed a total of 5.
5. Benefits will be given only upon presenting the more is more business card at the reception upon arrival at the hotel.  No benefits will be given until the completed application is received or after the departure of the client from the hotel. 
6. The point system and benefits of the more is more business is the same for all the hotels within the company.
7. Points are not redeemable by cash return and deductions will be made on the final billing of every future event or stay.
8. Membership will be considered as inactive when collaboration with the Aquila Hotels and Resorts has lapsed for a period of three years and more. As a result, members’ accounts and points as well as any benefits will no longer be valid.  
9. Aquila Hotels & Resorts have the right to remove the priviledges from any member for inappropriate behavior or behavior that is not consistent with the local laws or the laws of the country.
10. Aquila Hotels & Resorts employees are not entitled to apply for a  more is more business membership.
11. Members who do not wish to receive information/correspondence pertaining to more is more business must inform the Sales Manager or the Reception of the hotel.