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    Aquila Hotels & Resorts
  • Rithymna Beach
    The legendary family resort !
  • Porto Rethymno
    The elegant city resort !
  • Elounda Village
    The romantic haven TUI BLUE
    Elounda Village Resort & SPA
    by Aquila
  • Atlantis Hotel
    The city’s largest luxury hotel!



Luxury Hotels in Crete

Luxury hotels in Crete


Rithymna Beach
The perfect luxury resort for all your family

Aquila Rithymna Beach is a unique seafront paradise for the whole family. Sensational scenery and unparalleled relaxation are abundant at Aquila Rithymna Beach, while its lavish bungalows, suites and villas provide moments of blissful seclusion. An exquisite blend of sleek interiors, comfort and state-of-the-art technology, creates the setting you’ve always wished for.

Porto Rethymno
The elegant city resort

The Aquila Porto Rethymno hotel in Crete, combines natural beauty and vibrant culture in a superb setting. Fully equipped guestrooms with state-of-the-art facilities suit every wish or demand. The prestigious awards and certifications for its commitment to top service and warm hospitality prove its excellence on an international level..
Aquila Porto Rethymno Hotels in Crete

Elounda Village
A true romantic haven

Picture being at an isolated sanctuary for couples, surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Mirabello bay. Your dream can become a reality at Elounda Village. Celebrate love and passion by allowing yourself to be pampered and relax and allow us to present you with a sophisticated and comfortable getaway.

Atlantis Hotel
Heraklion landmark hotel

Aquila Atlantis Hotel makes the heart of Crete beat really fast. It’s the perfect setting for all kinds of meetings and social events, perfectly located in the heart of Herakleion city. Guests either on a working assignment or simply for leisure, can enjoy socializing through a wide range of activities within or beyond the hotel’s premises.

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