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Cretan cuisine ‚Dakos“

Join us for a food trip around Cretan cuisine! So many flavors, so many memories …

Traditional Cretan Dako recipe (nuts with tomatoes and feta)
A traditional dish from the Crete island, perfect for a light dinner!

The secret behind the perfect „Dakos“ is to use juicy, fresh, organic tomatoes as they are the main ingredient that brings this dish to life.
Garnishing with extra virgin, good quality olive oil will give the perfect finish to this traditional Cretan nuts with tomatoes and feta plate.

4 large round barley nuts
3 large ripe tomatoes
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
150 g feta cheese
10-15 black olives

Moisten the nuts with a little water and chill with olive oil. Use a grater to rub the tomatoes and add salt.
Chop the slice with a fork or slice it with a grater.
Spread the grated tomatoes on the nuts and then add the cheese. Top with olive oil and capers. Sprinkle with oregano and sprinkle with a little extra olive oil.