- Loyalty Club -

The “Best of the Best Loyalty Club” is a loyalty program designed to make your accommodation at Aquila Hotels & Resorts even more rewarding. As a club member, you are eligible for two kinds of membership levels: The Platinum and the Diamond. Based on your selected type of accommodation, you will earn points (stars) as a reward every time you stay in one of the Aquila properties.

Member guests are able to redeem their stars in for free nights at the lavish Aquila Hotels chain and experience several additional benefits such as: Room preference of your booked lodging type, a basket of fruits, mineral water and welcome wine, traditional Greek sweets and “raki”, flowers in your room and rate discounts in selected hotel department.

A special world of privileges created exclusively just for you.

Best of the Best Loyalty Club comprises of two categories:

The Platinum membership card:

The platinum card is attainable as soon as any guest has collected the minimum of 24 stars at any of our Aquila Hotels &Resorts and until the member has accumulated a total of 320 stars.

The Diamond membership card:

The diamond card is valid once a total of 321 stars has been collected and until the member has accumulated a total of 640 stars.

The Grand Prize for collecting this card is a complimentary 7-night stay at any one of our Aquila Hotels & Resorts hotel of your choice.

The stars you earn are based on your selected type of accommodation, and credited to your account upon departure. The more often you stay at Aquila Hotels and Resorts, the more generous your benefits will become.

Amongst the numerous benefits you shall receive: room preference for your booked category type, specially selected gifts, an invitation to the hotel’s management cocktail, fruits placed in the room upon arrival, discounts at selected hotel departments and much more.